Wednesday, July 8, 2015


I have yet another upcoming class to tell you about this week, this one is also coming up in September, and everyone will be able to attend this one, as it is an online class given by Cyberpointers, ANG's online chapter.  My "Summer Wonderful" Humbug will be the chapter program for the September meeting.  This is the largest of my humbug designs to date, large enough that it can be used as a frame weight if you wish.  It's loaded with fun stitches that are transformed into summer-themed motifs using color and has tons of embellishments too.  

Photographing a humbug is always challenge as it's funny shape has so many sides!  This is the topmost side:

And this is the view from the side:

Hope you can join us in September!  Please click here if you would like more information about Cyberpointers. It's a perfect way to join ANG if you don't have a chapter nearby and if you are already a member of ANG, adding a Cyberpointers membership is very easy to do!

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