Saturday, May 9, 2015

Meadowlark Cuff Bracelet in May/June Needlepoint Now

Meadowlark Cuff, the latest in my series of cuff bracelets for Needlepoint Now magazine appears in the current issue, which should already be on its way to your mailboxes and local shops.  Here are are some detail photos for you to help you along the way to stitching it! 

This is the completed design, flat and before finishing:

This is a detail of the crystal filagree embellishments.  It seems that Swarovski has discontinued the filagree in the center motif.  The round ones are still available and you could easily add one of those to the center, or substitute any pretty "sparkly" of your choosing that fits the space.  

Here is  a detail post-finishing, showing how the snap closures are added into the decorative Square Jessica stitches on the ends:

And here it is as finished! 

Hope you will enjoy stitching this one!  Any questions please do contact me here on the blog, and be sure to send me your photos! 

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