Thursday, April 3, 2014

Stitching Games Update-- the March Clue

Last month was a typical one for me when it comes to the Stitching Games over on Stitcherie-- I completed my clue late in the evening on March 31st, coming in among the very last to get my clue stitched for that month.  Better late than never though, and having a deadline is essential for a procrastinator like me!  The clue for March was "Time Warp", which put many of us in mind of the song from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  With the Rocky Horror association, it wasn't hard for me to connect my two spooky flower faces with a certain character from the movie-- you see the resemblance, right?  :)

I used an Ecru color Vineyard Silk to Basketweave the faces, stitching the face details in with FyreWerks and making the eyes with layers of sequins and beads.  Fast and fun! 

The clue for this month is "bacon".  It will be fun to see what those with canvases with no element of food whatsoever will come up with.  For me, Ms. Literal, I will most likely be doing something with the cauldron and the brew bubbling inside.  I will of course post a photo when done, but naturally, don't expect it until around April 30th! :)

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