Monday, October 14, 2013

Before and After

If you have a good memory, you may recognize the designs I'm featuring today from earlier posts, where they were stitched, but not finished.  I am always thrilled to see completed stitches, but even more so to see them again after their visit with the finisher.

This is my Witch Hat House, stitched by Karen Barras and finished by her also!  She made and stitched a really great cording around the edges, and added a little 'L'- shaped plexiglass strip onto the back, making it into an easel back stand up.  The plexi strip is cleverly fitted into a hand sewn pocket!

I was so thrilled with these two purse-insert canvases, stitched by Alison Brennan that I could not wait to show them off here last year:

And here they are now, back from finisher Kristine Kingston!  Who says that they had to be purse inserts? Even though they were painted sized for the Lee Leather bags, they work great as pillow fronts too!  Love them, great job girls!  

Hope you all had a great Columbus Day weekend, see you next time!

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