Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mad for Plaid Candy Corn

Last but not least, presenting the Mad for Plaid Candy corn, number six of six in the series:

Fun, tiny Jessica stitches dot the top:

The center panel features more sequins and a really fun beaded Herringbone stitch:

And the bottom section is another fun plaid pattern done in lots of different textured threads:

The club starts shipping this month, so I hope you have signed up already!  I'll be back later in the week with the very last design in the series, the Pumpkins-Pumpkin!


  1. Ok, I have a new favorite stitch--that leopard spot onE1 Nice job, by the way. This is a really fun way to try out new stitches and threads and you end up with a fun set of Halloween pieces to boot.

  2. Thank you Jane! I don't believe you are easily impressed so I am flattered! :)