Thursday, December 6, 2012

Kit N' Kaboodle!

Someone shopping for stitchy Christmas gifts asked me the other day if I had any kits, looking for a ready-to-go gift for a needlepointer friend.  (I need to get on this person's gift list!)  It got me to thinking about all the designs that I know have guides/kits at the ready and I realized there are quite a few aside from the ones that were club pieces or class pieces.  Ruth Schmuff, my distributor, has been really busy lately writing stitch guides and kitting designs.  These are the EyeCandy designs she's done just recently, but really, ANY canvas you ask for can be stitch guided and kitted for you-- Ruth's Bedecked and Beadazzled is a full-service shop and then some! 

If you are looking for something in season, her most recent EyeCandy guide and kit is Holiday Star:

If you are already thinking ahead to next Fall, HalloweenVille Forest will be available soon-- Ruth is stitching away on this one now and will have a fabulous model to show off soon! 

Look at the fabulous, glittery goodies she pulled together for the Pirate Mermaid!

The Sleeping Beauty design is not just for little girls and Fairy Tale fans,  I know one stitcher who is making it up as a wedding gift-- how sweet is that!

And that's not all, folks!  Ruth and her staff will put something together for you for the canvas of your choice, (many times with matching accessories if you so desire!)  Hoping your holidays are happy, see you next time!  


  1. Don't forget all the EyeCandy canvases that she's done as mysteries. :)

  2. what happens if you want them all??? retired, but maybe I need a job to support my habits. better than smoking, etc. thanks for the ideas.

  3. Thank you for choosing River Silks! I cant't wait to see the finished pieces!

    Jill K Dutcher
    Marketing/ Web Development
    River Silks Ltd