Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Needlepoint in Fashion Update

Consider this a mini-update of sorts to my previous blog entry about needlepoint as the latest trend in the high fashion industry.  The fashion shows for accessories are going on now and needlepoint is part of the trends seen there as well. Check out the Hermes beach-style tote below, done in long stitch on canvas.  

Did you know that Dr. Martens has a line of unisex needlepoint shoes?  I didn't-- as a matter of fact, I really couldn't even imagine a combination of traditional needlepoint style with a pair of Doc Martens, they are just too opposite each other.  However, after seeing them, I think I could change my mind:

Kind of cute, aren't they?  They even have boots!

So why should all this high-fashion stuff matter to us stitchers?  Most of us are not going to run out and buy that $6800 Hermes tote to carry our WIPs, after all!  It matters because now we can look forward to a great deal of needlepoint inspired ready-to-wear and accessories in the stores most of us shop in everyday.  This will not only be great for us, but I think it will help the needlepoint industry as well, by helping to return it to the level of popularity it enjoyed back in the '70's. (Or at least we can hope it will!)  Anything that helps popularize and familiarize our craft with the great public is fine by me!  I will be keeping my eyes open for more needlepoint fashion and if you see something as well please do share it with us in the comment section below.  Until then, Happy Stitching!

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