Friday, March 1, 2013

From the Crazy Patch-- Plaid Pumpkin!

Here's my latest pick from Crazy Patch Boo-nanza, this time it's one of the pumpkins!  Plaid Pumpkin features lots of glitz and glam with big, fun and quick to stitch stitches.  Here's the whole pumpkin, photographed pre-finishing:

The pumpkin's outer ribs will give you lots of practice in laying your stitches, as they are all a smooth, shiny Satin stitch with highlights of metallic:

The inner ribs are really, really fun to stitch-- you get to add all these happy little flower sequins!

The center plaid section has you working with lots of diverse fibers, from silk/wools to Holographic ribbon and more!

Even the stem is glitzy!

Just for fun, here's a look at the unstitched canvas:

Here's the whole Crazy Patch again.  Next week I'll share photos of a couple more of the Candy Corns!

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